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Manuscript Preparation

InjET accepts submission of mainly four types of manuscripts. Each manuscript is classified as regular or original articles, short communications, reviews, and proposals for special issues. Articles must be in English and Malay Language and they must be competently written and argued in clear and concise grammatically. Acceptable English and Malay Language usage and syntax are expected. Do not use slang, jargon, or obscure abbreviations or phrasing. Metric measurement is preferred. Always provide the complete form of an acronym/abbreviation the first time it is presented in the text. Contributors are strongly recommended to have the manuscript checked by a colleague with ample experience in writing English or Malay Language manuscripts or an English or Malay Language editor.

Linguistically hopeless manuscripts will be rejected straightaway (e.g., when the language is so poor that one cannot be sure of what the authors really mean). This process, taken by authors before submission, will greatly facilitate reviewing, and thus publication if the content is acceptable.


The instructions for authors must be followed. Manuscripts not adhering to the instructions will be returned for revision without review. Authors should prepare manuscripts according to the guidelines of InjET.


Regular article -- Definition: Full-length original empirical investigations, consisting of introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions. Original work must provide references and an explanation on research findings that contain new and significant findings.


Size: Should not exceed 6500 words or 10-14 printed pages (excluding the abstract, references, tables and/or figures). One printed page is roughly equivalent to 3 type-written pages.